january, 2021

FeaturedFoundations of the LENS Training (Level 1): On-Site in Portland, ORCLICK TO EXPAND FOR MORE DETAILS

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Instructor: Daphne Waldo, RN, BS, MSN, PHN

Cost $850 (3 day training)


Friday (TBD) 10am – 6pm (pacific time)

Saturday (TBD) 10am – 6pm (pacific time)

Sunday (TBD)  10am – 6pm (pacific time)

Foundations of the LENS Training (Level 1) courses are three-day classes, and run from 10am to 1pm, break for 1.5 hours, and resume from 2:30pm to 6pm each day.

To reserve your spot for this on-site training please email Nicole at hello@ochslabs.com or Call (707) 823 – 6225.

Please note: A LENS System can be provided for you to practice with during the course. In order to deduct the cost of this training class from the total price of a new system, an order for a LENS system must be placed within two months of the completion of this course. You will be encouraged to retake the class at half price should the two months be exceeded when you go to purchase.


Year Around Event (2021) PST


Nicole Bollahello@ochslabs.com

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